District Announcements

2014 - 2015 Kearny School District HIB Grade

AAA Patrol of the Year Award

This year Garfield School had the honor of presenting the AAA Outstanding Safety Patrol of the Year to their own Kasper Szymczak!  Kasper was chosen amongst dozens of patrol nominees in Northern New Jersey.  Kasper’s patrol advisors, Jayme Mack, Rebecca Lonnay and Stephanie Gerbasio, nominated him because of his dedication to his position, his school and his peers.   Kasper is a very enthusiastic and kind patrol to all those attending the school.  Kasper has formed strong trustworthy bonds with his peers as well as the members of our staff.  He is conscientious about his responsibilities and continuously attended them all year long.  Garfield School was lucky to have such a dependable young man amongst an already amazing group of patrols.

On May 24, 2016, Stephen Rajczyk from AAA came to Garfield School to recognize Kasper for his accomplishments.  He was given a plaque as well as a $200 check as an award.

The Garfield Community is extremely proud of Kasper for achieving this honor.  He has a bright future and we’re looking forward to seeing what else this incredible, young man has to offer!

Board of Education

In accordance with the Open Public Meeting Act, P.L. 1975c 231, this is to advise that the Kearny Board of Education will hold a Regular Board Meeting on Monday, July 25, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room – 1st Floor, 172 Midland Avenue, Kearny, NJ 07032. Upon opening the meeting, the Board will take action to enter into Executive Session (The Doctrine of Necessity may be invoked, if necessary, for Executive Session) and reconvene in Public at 7:00 p.m. Action will be taken.

Agenda: Monday, July 25, 2016

Garfield School Happenings

6th Grade PBL classes designed and built bridges.  The bridges were placed on the backs of 2 chairs and had to support 7lbs of weight.



Garfield School 6th Grade spent the day at the Meadowlands Environmental Center



Daily Announcements

6th Grade Cultural Fair


The 6th grade of Garfield School is having a culture fair in PBL. This culture fair is being implemented as a means of exposing our students to a variety of cultures they may have never thought about in the past. The mission of this fair is to highlight key aspects of countries from around the world. Our students have researched their assigned country and have created a tri-fold poster to display their research. Additionally, they have prepared either a t-shirt, song, or dance that accurately demonstrates the cultures and traditions from their countries. This PBL project is cross-curricular and has students working in pairs. Our hope for the end result of this project is a greater understanding and appreciation for different cultures across the globe as well as this being an opportunity for the 6th grade to share their knowledge with the younger grades.

Carnival Day


Garfield Award Winners

The Garfield Award is presented to the student wiht the highest average for the year in each subject area.
Luciana Beltran English Language Arts
Jerick Yanzon Mathematics
Gianna Gomez Science
Michala ONeill Social Studies

Mr. Softee visited Garfield School

Patrols of the year!

Kasper Szymczak and Michala ONeill

Students from grades K to 6 watched the
Be an Upstander Not a Bystander anti-Bullying Assembly


On Friday, February 26, 2016 Garfield Students were honored for achieving Honors for the Second Marking Period, as well as Rudy Awards for effort, Character Awards and  Rocky Fitness Awards.



Garfield's Enrollment Book from 1909-1910 School Year

A look in to Garfield Schools Past!
Garfield School Class Picture
Miss Mercaldo's Class - Room 103 - September 1951

Upcoming Events

Monday, July 25
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Monday, September 19